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Following on from their self-titled debut album on HELLS HEADBANGERS in 2011, Cleveland nasties CRUCIFIED MORTALS deliver one two of their strongest & meanest tracks yet - exclusive to this release, a hard-charging tank of pure mid-'80s metal darkness!


released September 20, 2013

Reaper - Vocals / Rhythm Guitars / Bass
Eddie Satan - Lead Guitar
Ash Thomas - Drums

Produced by Reaper
Recorded at The House Of Death by Reaper and Ash Thomas
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Keffer at Magnetic North Studio
Cover Art by Mark Riddick


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Damned upon decaying crosses for 19 years Crucified Mortals transcribe horror stories into metallic hymns in the band's own haunting style. Satisfying the ear's craving for speed, heavy and memorable riffing complimented with harsh angry vocals and pounding drums. Crucified Mortals are a unique style of Thrash and Death metal. ... more

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Track Name: Crippling The Will Of Faith
Spirits of the dark we conjure thee; help guide the way of our departed sister
to torment the vessel of thine enemy till death

Heretics in the eyes of faith, to perish in the sight of god
Their sins derived from witchery, sorcerers of the devil’s craft
One of their kind they’ve sacrificed, a pact to avenge their creed
With black arts she’s reborn, through he who condemns

A device to spite the pious, to lead by deceit
Dethrone all once holy, crippling the will of faith

Blasphemer shunned by the church, the parish which he once led
alone the one who lurks within, disguised with this sacred veil

Deprived of all he’s loved, lone to rejuvenate
The soul of vengeance strains, possessing till he’s dead
A device to spite the pious, to lead by deceit
Dethrone all once holy, crippling the will of faith
Track Name: You'll Wish You Were Dead
Restrained and confined, consumed by the wrath this fiend
No control just my mind, imprisoned within this body
Conflict to retrieve, its strength is overbearing
All those loved deceived, their hope now diminishing

I long for my freedom, liberation my plead
Abolish this demon in me
Life surrounds me as a realm disdain
This demon cackles and asserts to me

You’ll Wish You Were Dead

Clinically demented, diagnosis aids my burden
Deprived and rejected, I remain a corpse with a pulse
Sorrow comes torment, driven beyond lunacy
A languishing death, I’m freed by eternity


Within these confines, I foresee remain, forever a paralyzed slave
Remembrance lost, existence shunned, expelled for the acts of this beast
Bestowed by a faith, beckoning me, let loose from the shackles that be
Deceived I am maimed, oppression sustains, no sign of impending demise


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