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Kill Upon Command




Recorded in 2005 to follow up the debut Converted By Decapitation release, these songs were originally released on 7" EP by Iron Bonehead Productions in Germany.


released February 5, 2005

Reaper - Vocals / Lead & Rhythm Guitar / Bass
Sebastian Dzialuk - Drums
Adamizer - Rhythm Guitar

Cover Art by Otis Slusher
Record, mixed and master by Chris Keffer at Magnetic North Studio


all rights reserved




Damned upon decaying crosses for 19 years Crucified Mortals transcribe horror stories into metallic hymns in the band's own haunting style. Satisfying the ear's craving for speed, heavy and memorable riffing complimented with harsh angry vocals and pounding drums. Crucified Mortals are a unique style of Thrash and Death metal. ... more

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Track Name: Obscured Inquisitor
A legend of terror in form of a man with a black & twisted soul
Has took forth this night, the blackest night and spread throughout horror
Not a soul on this earth, knows not the story of the night he came home
Years have since past, story not forgotten, the legend will always remain

Months have past, the autumn has come in the fear rises once more
Peace has been stilled, ignore not the feeling, all fear Hallows Eve

Night approaches caution rises in fear of this evil fiend
None will defy this evil man, no instruction from the priest
Can’t protect the innocent, no enforcement from police
His night has come, it’s time to die, next victim will be you
He sharpens the knife that takes your life and desecrates your soul
Enraged with fire, death his desire, black and twisted soul
Within the night he makes his strike, with a blade he commits his sinIt rips your flesh, tears your heart, and leaves you lying dead

The evil man you thought was dead has returned again to kill
One by one he takes more lives, turning life into death
Indestructible creature born onto earth, as a heartless evil man
Cannot be killed fore there’s death to fulfill, run while you can


The evil man you thought was dead has return again to kill
With each passing year it’s he you fear, the evil will return
Track Name: Nosferatu
A lust for blood like thirst I crave to taste the warmth of death
I seek a woman whom shall arouse my sexual fantasy
Within her room she’s standing bare, it’s then I perform my task
Slit her arms and suck the blood, then fuck her fresh warm corpse
But how I wish she could be living, to return the lust for me
Yet to drug her to death is too arousing, no pain she will endure

Break through the flesh, suck at the wound, taste the blood so sweet
Fucking her corpse, aroused by the bloodshed, in death she’s still beauty
I live by the night; survive on the blood immortality’s gift unto me
Sex with a woman filled with warm life, will help me live again

My cold embrace desired by a woman of living flesh
Oh how the living arouse me more than a lifeless stiffened corpse
I returned again to visit, yet to my surprise she had taken her own life
Will I love again the living, it’s hard to say now, the dead can never betray


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