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Get ready to be hit in the face with an iron fist of thrash metal insanity... after ten years of several EP and demo outputs, Crucified Mortals release their first full-length album. Comprised of eleven horror tales transcribed into metallic hymns the album continues the bands' own appalling sound with arguably their best material to date. A truly unique style of well-played and evil fucking thrash with hints of death metal that showcases a diverse range sure to satisfy the ear's craving for speed, heavy and memorable riffing complimented with harsh angry vocals and pounding drums. Hammer the nails & thrash 'til fucking death!


released March 15, 2011

Reaper - Bass/Vocals
Zack Rose - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Sebastian Dzlialuk - Drums



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Damned upon decaying crosses for 15 years Crucified Mortals transcribe horror stories into metallic hymns in the band's own haunting style. Satisfying the ear's craving for speed, heavy and memorable riffing complimented with harsh angry vocals and pounding drums. Crucified Mortals are a unique style of Thrash and Death metal. ... more

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Track Name: Sordid Treachery
Conceived in sin, abandoned at birth
Twin daughters for a righteous priest
One seeks to forgive the other condemns
Her father she deems a man of sin

Affirming his love, to gain her forgiveness
She distrusts his every word
Sanctimonious ways, strengthens her spite
She believes she must sustain punishment
After an evening affair she seizes his mistress
Cuts her from ear to ear
Phrasing verses, of a furious god
As she curses her father's name

A blade in hand, she thrusts at the priest
He intercepts and impales her chest

As he dies she speaks
In the voice of her sister
The priest he lends one ear
But is shocked at what he hears

His daughter revealed within her last breath
Her sister had died at birth
Deceiving her father to make him believe
His daughters were both alive
She was the one loved and condemned him
In hope to change his ways
But now a victim of his sin
This sordid treachery
Track Name: Hidden Tomb
Upon a burial for the damned, a holy shrine conceals this tomb
Their lives once took in massacre the penance for witchcraft
Trapped inside this crypt they remain in purgatory

A holy cross, seals this grave, secluded and hidden, the secret's untold
A priest deciphered the ancient text to unlock this secret tomb
He carries forth through the darkened tunnel into the burial site

As he speaks the forbidden passage his nerves tremble with fear
The sealed grave now opens and the confined souls appear

Ghastly urge consumes the priest as he stumbles from this chamber
Not knowing what now controls his thoughts he commits an act of murder
These vicious souls release their hate by deceiving with possession
Spreading guilt to a holy heart and denying one last confession

Strange events circumvent the mortals within this church
The doors are locked none can escape from the havoc that's unleashed
For within these walls all will concede and give themselves to depravation
These demons won't stop till they claim the church and cease the congregation

Debauchery consumes the victims, they prepare themselves for immolation
They set the church up in flames then cast themselves within
Together with the damned they enter the underworld
Track Name: Resurrected Fiend
Caught in the crossfire a soldier at war is destined to meet his death
Hear the shot fired as it tears through the wind and makes its path straight to his head
He trembles with fear knowing his end is now near and struggles at another breath
His time now expired from life he's retired, his body lies amongst the dead

Algor mortis sets in to his exanimate corpse, the stench of decay has commenced
Reanimation occurs by an unknown account and a revenant being awakes

The messenger he stutters as he speaks to the mother your son's pronounced KIA
She gasps with grief and refuses belief leading her sanity astray
Yet a sudden surprise, her son came home alive, although he'd been claimed for dead
He stood there before her, brutal and frigid, devoid of the son she's once known

His skin is pale, his eyes are crimson, his actions are crude and violent
When the night falls this monster unleashes his rage to those he'll inflict detriment

Deception's mask conceals no more the truth of this fierce creature
As the skin dissolves his bones decay and unveil the inner monster

For those who've seen and know the truth are under the grasp of death
This monster claims the lives of those knowing of his secret
As disintegration carries forth his strength becomes feeble
From the scene he flees to the grave to lay himself to rest

In the grave he'll rot
Track Name: Figure In Black
Stumbling through a catacomb a group has lost their way
Unwary with their every step they venture into a cavern
A boulder falls into place sealing their only exit
Trapped inside this darkened room they all begin to panic

Within the dark they hear a sound of an unfamiliar voice
Into the light they see a figure dressed in a hooded gown
His face is masked by the cast shadow from his drawn hood
As he speaks his voice it crackles like that of a frail being
He addresses each by their name, assures them they will know
Who he is and how he knows their future he will reveal

Their suspense progresses on
As silence fills the room
And their minds race in wonder
Who is this? Figure in black

Each person has a heart of obsessive spiteful urge
Ready to inflict harm to whom they resent
They'll soon fulfill their scheme and satisfy their spite
Contempt will retain their fate and render their demise

This figure speaks not the future rather of the past
This group gathered here are all among the dead
He's a guardian to the gate of the place confining them
The domain for punished souls the depths of the abyss
Track Name: Desecrating The Dead
Infatuated with the lifelessness
The placid face instills warmth
Pacifying the riles of life
Contentment with this comely corpse

Fetishism of perversity
Extracting the nails and hair
Tampering with the newly dead
Unearthing graves from the past

Sadistic yearning
Death fetishist
Desecrating the dead exhilerates

Procuring corpses through homicide
Compulsion more intense
Attraction now has no bounds
A vile instinct unrestrained

Profane desire, obscene mind
Destroying the living to compensate the dead
Sadistic yearning, death fetishist
Desecrating the dead exhilerates
Track Name: Perpetrator
No bones decayed, no flesh began to rot
Her body's been preserved, in her sopping crypt

38 years she's been entombed, after a sudden illness
A tonic has preserved her corpse and now restored her life

Back into the arms, of the man she was to wed,
Because of this union she initially wound up dead

She gave her heart to another man, best friend of her beloved
Yet could not bare to despair, her lover with the truth
She went against her urge, give to him her hand
His friend in grief he poisoned her, which led to her demise

Her life now revived, her lover has rejoiced
But in truth has been confessed, he now detests his friend
In arms against each other, it ends with the lover dead
The tonic drained, deterioration devoured this woman's corpse
The friend now left alone, he has lost the ones he's loved
For the life he took years ago, he received his punishment
Track Name: Fatal Scheme
Sealed in this tomb, reflecting on the past
The time which lead me here, six feet in the ground
A perfect scheme of fraud, to obtain a large lucre
I've fabricated my death, and now await for my release

Impatient for my fortune, apprehension fills my mind
My air has become thin, and now my hope declines
Has this plan failed, or have I been betrayed
The time now approaches, to release me from this grave

I lash and scream, desperate to escape
Nothing can save me; my scheme has sealed my fate
As all hope is lost, the earth disrupts above
The coffin lid opens, and three faces gaze in shock

My mind has become clear and I recognize these faces
They want my lifeless corpse for their experiment
With a single thrust a dagger impales my head
To the grave my body falls, I'm now amongst the dead
Track Name: Masked Murder
Incarcerated for 15 years he returned on the blackest night
Pale white emotionless face and no words he'd ever speak
The blackest eyes, the devil's eyes no heart or soul just black
Fratricide with a kitchen knife without feelings of remorse

Upon this night, the blackest night, the night he came home
He will kill anyone who interferes with his evil deeds

He hides in the black; he stalks his victims then makes his strike
You cannot expect him; in cold blooded manner he takes your life
A thrust at your throat, hands tight around your neck
Feeling his grip getting tighter, your face becomes blue
You struggle for air, fighting his grip your death draws nearer
All conscience now lost, no will left to fight, you're going to die by strangulation
Your body falls dead to the floor; proud of his work he seeks another victim

Horrid screams break the silence of night running desperate to escape
Locking doors hiding from attack, out of the dark he will arise
6 shots fired to his chest on the ground his body falls
Sigh in relief that you're alive; in your back he'll drive his knife
Track Name: Ghastly Affliction
Along the coast in a town abroad a community lives in peace
Free of all turmoil and angst oppressing the world inland
With recent acts the town was shocked by grievous accounts of murder
The victims came from afar and were passing through this place

The peculiar mood that's subdued this town increases all suspicion
The people here possess a scheme of perplex intense proportion

Ghastly affliction (x4)

The perpetrator of a blind assault halts from a gaping wound
On the ground the blood he shed shows his identity
He is one of the newly deceased burned alive upon a stake
And now a hench within this mob who once rid him of his life

The cemetery holds a sealed grave, with the perpetrator's name
All mystery will soon surpass when his grave has been exhumed

The coffin creaks as the lid is pried to reveal a corpse less case
In it's place a heart is rotting, wrapped in a foul old rag
This man lives on as a mindless corpse devoid of lifelessness
For he's a slave in league with the rest of a deranged mortician's art

Ravenous ghastly obsession, incessant urge to mend the dead
For them to live beyond the grave, his slaves till death do them part

Ghastly affliction (x4)
Track Name: Doom
A prophecy to mankind, revelation of it's doom
For centuries a war has raged, between angelic hordes
One battles for the sake of man, the other has plot his end
All for the gain of heaven's realm which once belonged to them

They'll fight for all eternity till mankind has been destroyed
Banished by the hand of god, they rebel against his grace
With creation of the soul, the heavens for them are lost
By destroying man, they'll reclaim their sacred place

Since the fall of Lucifer, they served in god's kingdom
Loyal to his holiness, they rejoiced amongst his being
He opened heaven to the souls, who averted from perdition
And cast out the angels for the souls of man to flourish

They'll fight for all eternity till mankind has been destroyed
Banished by the hand of god, they rebel against his grace
With creation of the soul, the heavens for them are lost
Destroying humanity, conquest for the sacred realm

They'll fight for all eternity till mankind has been destroyed
Banished by the hand of god, they rebel against his grace
With creation of the soul, the heavens for them are lost
By destroying man, they'll reclaim their sacred realm